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This scenario is built for the System of Battle for Diratia. 

If you want to try the system. Go ahead and try one of our modules that will release every month on our Patreon FOR FREE! You will understand why this system exist and why you need to use BFD in your tabletop games. 

Now let's go and create the best roleplaying/wargaming/political game we can, TOGETHER!

Far from the kingdom and close to the sea lies the small town of Helebella. Untouched by the recent conflict opposing the kingdom to the rebels it became a safe haven for all type of travelers wanting to visit the kingdom.

The mayor, wanting more protection from the royal family, decided to invite the Queen’s family for a banquet.

They are hoping to get her to post a new garrison in his village.
After a few weeks of preparation, the queen is finally coming for the night.
News move around fast in these parts and the rebels are prepared to make this an unforgettable night.




Diratia  Productions is a Montreal-based creative company. Our primary focus is on our creative projects and all of our team members are passionate about film and fantasy.


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