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Pre-Built Characters

If you want to try Battle for Diratia, but do not know where to start or how to create a character, then this was built for you!

We have created a collection of Pre-Built Character Sheets complete with backstories and equipment so you can jump right into a game without worrying about all the details of creating a character.

Once you have the hang of the basics you can then create your own characters and go on fantastic adventures with them.



Prior to attaining his Lightbinding powers, Daylen Namaran possessed an incredible intellect. Had it not been for his pivotal role in ending the Fourth Night, which cemented his status as a hero and led to his subsequent rise to power, he would have pursued a simple life as an engineer. His talent for invention and sunstone engineering during his reign demonstrate his technical prowess. He also developed keen strategy which was employed during the Fourth Night in the many battles against the Shade. His tactical genius would also serve him well during the many decades of his empire's constant warring, particularly his ability to turn around the long odds many times during the First World War of Tellos.


Daylen is fiercely proud and self-determined, above all else. He abhors cowardice of any kind, such that despite his wish to die, he will refuse to give up and allow his death to come easily. Even when he finds himself in a nigh-inescapable deadly situation, if he has the physical capability to somehow overcome his circumstances, no matter how badly he may wish to succumb to them, then his pride demands that he must fight to survive. He actively recognizes this contradictory tendency in himself, which others accuse of being mere delusion to placate his ego.



Ryence Oran is a young merchant, on the road from a very young age he had to learn to fend for himself. After being ambushed by bandits and the death of his father he chooses to carve himself another place in this world.


More Coming Soon!

We are always working on more Pre-Built Characters for you to discover. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel or Patreon to be updated!


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