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Battle for Diratia is an easily accessible and elegantly simple Wargaming and RPG hybrid.

Are you a fan of realistic fantasy? A connoisseur of Sci-Fi, space travel, and wargaming? Or even a GM looking for an exciting RPG system with constant updates? Then Battle for Diratia (AKA BFD) is for you! 

We are all too accustomed to the generic rogue that steals cash right in front of the enemy or the battle grizzled warrior veteran fighting the evil guys of “generic fantasy name.”

So how do you get out of these tropes and create interesting and unique stories that will be remembered by your players for years?

Well... This IS BFD. 

This system is made by two GM who, tired of switching system mid-campaign, decided to make a more versatile system. 

Characters that feel human, a unique universe and a system that is ever evolving and contemporary. BFD as a combat system can adjust to every group, every setting, style of play, and player.

 You will never have to learn another rule set. BFD works for 3v3 skirmish, for immersive roleplaying, and for 1000v1000 total warfare.

Go ahead and try one of our scenarios available on our Patreon or Website. You will understand why this system exists and why you need to use BFD for your games. 

Now, let's go and create the best roleplaying/wargaming/political game we can, TOGETHER.


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Diratia  is a Fantasy universe, created by Dylan and Zachary. When playing Battle for Diratia you can play in your own universe or you can use the universe of Diratia. To learn more about the universe look into the wiki, it is far from complete, but it can give you an idea of the scope of our universe.

Where to Start?

In this game, the possibilities are limitless. Battle for Diratia gives structure to your stories and battles. For now all the rules are contained in a single ruleset where you have options to play a game from the stone age to the space age. So download and read the ruleset and once you have a grasp on the rules we invite you to try one of our scenarios.

The game is in Alpha, what does that mean?

Yes, the game is in Alpha. This means that we are asking for your indulgence for incomplete sections or imbalances in the game as we are actively working on it to make it better.

This gives you an opportunity to be part of this project by playtesting it and giving us feedback. Your feedback will directly serve to make the game better.

What is a Roleplaying Game?

A tabletop roleplaying game is anything where players come together to build stories. Usually the players have one character that they build and play through the multiple adventures the characters go on. Often a big part of roleplaying games is combat, Battle for Diratia is not different from this.

You need to understand that it is not because the rules do not focus on the story that it is not important. It is difficult to create fun rules for stories, that is why we mostly leave it up to the GM.

Examples of popular roleplaying games include : Dungeon & Dragons, Fate and Call of Cuthulu

What is a Wargame?

Tabletop wargames are any type of games that focus on a military conflict ant this may vary from skirmish games of 2 to 20 units up to army level battles of 10000 troups or even more.

Casual exemples of wargames could be Chess, Stratego or Risk.

Complex wargames have more types of units and strive to give the players the feeling of being a commander on the field.

Examples of popular wargames include : Warhamer 40k, Frostgrave and Bolt Action

What is a GM?

The GM is the GameMaster.

To play Battle for Diratia you do not need a GM, but this means you will play a more competitive game instead of a collaborative game.

The GameMaster has many responsabilities, such as:

  • Present challenges to the players, this includes deciding what types of challenges and what difficulty they are.
  • Running the game session, the GM has most of the control on the game and is often the one calling the shots.
  • Keep things moving, the GM has the responsability to make and keep the game interesting for everyone at the table.
  • Play the NPC's, each player controls their own characters, but the GameMaster controls all of the NonPlayerCharacters, even the bad guys. The main challenge is to give each character their own personality and make them feel unique to the players. (Battle for Diratia includes a NPC generator that helps to make this task easier.)

What do I need to Play?

The basic tools that you need to play are:
-6 sided dice
-Mesuring tool -Miniatures -Pen and Paper

Miniatures can be anything and serve to represent your characters and units as long as they are all in the same sizes.

We reccomend Miniatures on 25mm bases as they are extremely common. You can support us by buying our miniatures, but they are made for 3d printers. You can also find some online or in your local hobby store.


Oct 30, 2020 - Alpha Version 1.5

Updates include : · Changed the Spirit Spell
· Added Curse Chapter
· Added, Ghosts, Liches, Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies

Oct 16, 2020 - Alpha Version 1.4

Updates include : · Changed the Introduction
· Added No Man Rules Alone
· Added Automation
· Balanced Species and Units Cost
· Sorted Species
· Added Beasts Chapter
· Added Animals: Bear, Cat, Chicken, Deer, Elephant, Falcon, Lion & Tiger, Pig, Sheep & Goats, Wolves
· Added a Clickable Table of Contents

Oct 2, 2020 - Alpha Version 1.3

Updates include : · Changed the Name of the Game
· Balanced Morale Checks
· Added and Corrected Units for Hire
· Balanced Weapons & Shields
· Added Shield Bashing
· Added Grappling
· Added using 2 handed weapons with 1 hand
· Added using Shields with no hands
· Added the Naga, Tabaxi, Tengu & Urskan Species
· Added Black & White Character Sheets
· Added Senses
· Added Stealth rules against other players
· Added Encumbrance
· Added Tools
· Added Sail Ships
· Added the option to create your Own Units for Hire
· Reordered Chapters
· Corrected Damage Type Effects

Sept 18, 2020 - Alpha Version 1.2

Updates include :
· Adjusted Weapons · Adjusted Injuries · Added and Fixed Armors · Added Dual-Wielding · Added Protect Maneuver · Balanced Spells · Fixed spelling errors

Sept 6, 2020 - Alpha Release

The Release of the Alpha version 1.0 of the War for Diratia Roleplaying & Wargaming System

Nov 13, 2020 - Alpha Version 1.6

Updates include : · Modified Battle Line Formation
· Added Firing Line Formation
· Added Testudo Formation
· Added Phalanx Formation

Dec 04, 2020 - Alpha Version 2.0

Updates include : · Added the Mass Warfare Chapter
· Added the Upkeep Costs to Animals
· Added Weapon Options on Pre-Built Units
· Added Uphill, and Height for Situation Modifiers
· Added more details and clarified the Basics
· Revamped Morale
· Revamped Graphics & Artwork
· Revamped Aggressive and Defensive Maneuvers to Prepared
· Revamped Formations
· Revamped Reference Sheet
· Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications
· Adjusted Burning Damage
· Adjusted Moving Artillery
· Adjusted the Will of a few Pre-Built Units
· Adjusted Artillery Stats
· Adjusted Weapons Reach
· Corrected Prices
· Corrected Unit's Recovery
· Clarifications of Cover Rules
· Clarifications of Formation Maneuvers
· Clarifications in Automation

November 10, 2021 - Alpha Version 4.34

Updates include : · Added Max Weapon Lethality
· Added Compound Bow and Steam Crossbow · Added Push Back
· Added Offensive Maneuver
· Adjusted Fighting in Formation · Adjusted Wedge and Ritual Formations
· Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications

March 27, 2021 - Alpha Version 2.6

Updates include : · Added Vehicle Sheet · Added Chasing and Racing · Added Sprinting · Added Stage of Life modifiers · Added Traps · Added Military Encounter Structure · Added Time Management and Daily Activities · Revamped Crashing
· Adjusted Aiming · Adjusted Recovery · Adjusted Fatigue

June 1st, 2021 - Alpha Version 3.0

Updates include : · Added Diratia Chapter · Added Enchantments · Added 32 New Species · Added Species Descriptions · Added 3 Curses · Added On a Timer · Revamped Artwork · Revamped Lich · Revamped Species Layout · Removed Shooding and Movement (to be revamped in a future update) · Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications

June 30th, 2021 - Alpha Version 3.05

Update includes : · Added Artwork · Moved Chapters · Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications

March 10, 2021 - Alpha Version 2.5

Updates include : · Added Vehicle Chapter · Added Vehicle Creation Chapter · Added Weather Generator · Added Section Dividers · Revamped Vehicle List
· Revamped Artillery & Vehicle Weapons Stats
· Adjusted Burning and Piercing Weapon Damage and Prices · Ajusted page layout
· Corrected Unit's Prices · Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications

October 16, 2021 - Alpha Version 4.0

Updates include : · Added Multiplications · Added Attacks of Opportunity · Added Specializations · Added Defensive Maneuver
· Added Undead Beasts
· Revamped Character Creation Chapter
· Revamped Zone of Control Chapter
· Revamped Morale · Revamped Unit List
· Revamped Character Sheet
· Adjusted ST Based Weapon Damage and Prices · Adjusted Magic System and Costs
· Adjusted Flanking, Cover and Terrain modifiers
· Adjusted Step, Ready, Engage and Charge · Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications

November 04, 2021 - Alpha Version 4.26

Updates include : · Added Tight and Loose Formations · Revamped Formations Movement
· Adjusted Weapons Reach and Range · Adjusted Combat Bonuses
· Adjusted Zone of Control
· Multiple Small Adjustments, Corrections and Clarifications


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Diratia  Productions is a Montreal-based creative company. Our primary focus is on our creative projects and all of our team members are passionate about film and fantasy.